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Hello Sunshine, Platinum Neck & Chest, Iced Tealish


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Welcome back Hello Sunshine! Returning by popular demand, Melissa Halarides (Sales Activations Specialist) will be introducing us to the 2017 installment of this beloved program.

Get ready to help your skin defy gravity! Introducing Anew Platinum Neck and Chest cream. Barbie Greiss (Marketing Manager Skin Care & Colour) will be sharing all you need to know about this new cream specially designed for that delicate, thinner skin to help you look younger with visible results from day 1!

Also stopping by will be Maude Michaud (Marketing Manager – Home) to welcome Iced Tea from Tealish in all new flavors! The new Avon Living and C13 have these and more great opportunities for your business, as we’ll see with Melissa and Janet Larcombe (Field Sales Trainer).